Family Love Letter


With the help of their trusted advisors, men and women all over the nation are writing the most meaningful love letter of their lives. This is not the typical emotional message addressed to a romantic interest or the common parental expression that emerges as one grows older and faces mortality! This love letter is addressed to spouses, children, sisters, brothers, and grandchildren- A FAMILY LOVE LETTER –  and its contents communicate one’s legacy.

John Strassman, CFP® first heard about the Family Love Letter (FLL) while attending a seminar in San Diego. Some colleagues shared how the Family Love Letter was making a difference in the lives of their clients by helping them relay their wishes to their family in a time of confusion caused by incapacitation or death.

This message especially resonated with John because a few years ago his brother unexpectedly passed away and had left John as the executor of his will. Unfortunately, John didn’t even know where to begin to find the will. Was it in a drawer? A file in a drawer or on his brother’s computer? At the time, no one knew the answers to these questions. John likens this experience to having a 1000 piece puzzle dumped on the table in front of you without having the picture on the box for guidance on completing the puzzle.

A completed Family Love Letter is not only the photo on the box but detailed instructions on which pieces to begin and end with!

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About the Family Love Letter

The Family Love Letter is a simple, 38-page document that will give your loved ones the great gift of INFORMATION…at a time of confusion caused by your incapacity or death. By completing the FLL you are literally making plans and taking inventory on behalf of your family – financially and otherwise; the letters include everything from wills to key contact information for lawyers and accountants to insurance policies to statements of ethics to funeral requests.

“No one likes to think about these matters, but we can’t understate the importance of the Family Love Letter. “It prepares loved ones to navigate through the confusion of difficult circumstances,” says John Strassman. “By pulling these important documents together and leaving important details in one place – email passwords, codes to the safe, etc. – men and women are getting their house in order for the good of those they care about most.”

Completing a Family Love Letter is your gift to your family. Helping you complete it is our gift to you. It is our joy to offer this gift to our clients, their friends, and our community!